NIOBLU is the result of a collaboration with a renowned Swiss laboratory from which Starline has drawn its experience, know-how and innovative technology, that of NIOSOMI, to create a line of products able to combat skin ageing by delaying the appearance of the signs of time. It is never too early or too late to take care of your skin.



In the actives and vehicle structures



A principle we cannot give up



We believe in visible and lasting results

Synergy between technological innovation & nature

These two worlds meet and merge in full compliance with the highest standards of tolerability and efficacy for the skin and the environment to provide a unique sensation of well-being! Scrupulous protocols are respected to ensure the functionality and availability of all the active ingredients present.

Respect for and protection of the skin come first for us, which is why the products are guaranteed by Challenge Test certification and are subject to analytical testing by a Swiss laboratory to ensure quality, safety and minimising the risk of sensitisation.

NIOBLU, in its search for innovative technologies, has implemented in its products the principle of ‘naturalness of functional and effective formulas because they are supported by the use and application of innovative and safe technological approaches’.

NIOBLU is naturally high-tech. The research, development, design and production team has technical-scientific training and decades of experience, with specific expertise in the dermocosmetic sector. By virtue of this, the products are a concentrate of high-level know-how. The integrity and functionality of the active ingredients used in the formulations is preserved and stabilised, for example, through the use of advanced NIOSOMI technology. In this way, the actives are only made available in the skin layer when they actually reach the desired target and do not deteriorate before they have fulfilled their function.

NIOBLU enjoys a Swiss guarantee. The know-how, precision, professionalism and rigour that characterise a Swiss laboratory are a guarantee for the NIOBLU cosmetics line.

NIOBLU is green. Product packaging is 100% recyclable.

NIOBLU is synonymous with safety. The active ingredients are natural or naturally derived, they are pure and non-toxic – BIO-certified; emulsifiers and preservatives used in the minimum necessary concentration; allergen-free fragrances as listed by the Ministry of Health. No tests are performed on animals (prohibited by law).

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